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Why Littlebrook?

    At Littlebrook we believe that all children are individual and have a unique profile of abilities. We value and nurture the children in order to understand their interests, development and learning. We offer a ‘play-based’ curriculum which underpins all the areas of learning of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Our safe, secure and exciting indoor and outdoor environment is designed to stimulate your child’s natural curiosity, exploration, play and imagination.

  Our planning starts with the child. We look, listen and note to understand their interests, needs and achievements. We also listen to you as the parent to share and collaborate ideas for your child’s short and medium term planning. Through your feedback about family members, significant events, celebrations and festivals, we can plan activities t
hat would capture your child’s interests and current learning needs. 




Open Days 


Sipson, Longford

and Oaklands Nurseries:


Monday 21st September to

Friday 25th September 2020

(10am to 4pm)


Free Registration and only

£100 deposit required!


*Terms and conditions apply




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Sipson / Longford Nurseries open from 7.15am to 6.30pm
Oaklands Nursery open from 8am to 6pm 
51 weeks of the year

Now offering 2 & 3 year old 
funded places

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